Creative Conversations: Alex

Welcome to the first in my new series Creative Conversations. As I mentioned in my previous post, this project was born from a curiosity with regards to Creativity.  What makes some of us feel creative and others not? And what does creativity mean to you?

I’m excited about this side project to see it grow arms and legs and allow it to blossom without putting limitations my exploration of creativity. I’m also excited to have some fun with my photography and portraits along to the way! In this first instalment I chatted with my good pal Alex and her thoughts on Creativity. 

Can you share a bit about yourself and what you do?

Ah! This innocent question of “what do you do” still evades me, so here goes:

I am a designer

I work for myself 

I am from Switzerland 

I also produce and host events 

I am a wife, a sister, a daughter and an aunt 

When anxious, I bake like there is no tomorrow

In terms of work, I’ve had many titles “ux/ui designer”, “service designer”, “product designer”, “design researcher”, and so I’ve stopped worrying so much about which one to pick or what label people want to use. In a nutshell, I am the type of designer who loves to work on problems with a degree of complexity. People tend to come to me for help with ambiguous problems rather than solutions they need implemented. This could be a business idea, a rebrand, a chatbot or a digital product like and app or website.

To make that more tangible, recently I’ve been working with an exciting young legal-tech startup where we’re exploring ways for people to better access civil justice and resolve their claims online.  

What is creativity to you? Do you consider yourself to be creative?

Creativity to me is a different way of seeing or experiencing the world. You know that moment when someone does or says something that stops you in your tracks and startles you into reframing your perspective? Sometimes it’s a piece of writing, a photograph, an outfit - but sometimes it can be something as simple as an off-hand, perfectly timed comment.

Am I creative? I’ve just moved into a new studio where one person is illustrating a sci-fi novel and another is an exquisite story teller - so when I’m going through user requirements in a spreadsheet or road mapping a project with post-it notes - I do worry I will be found out as creative imposter and dismissed. 😅 

But on the days when I’m designing the tone of voice of a chatbot or watching someone one use a product I designed for them, seeing them experience a new way of using technology, then that feels pretty special. 

Would you say you had a creative job? A creative life?

I believe “Creativity” is in the eye of the beholder. My life is rarely instagram “worthy” but I’m lucky to live in a great city of culture and bustling entrepreneurial energy, I’m surrounded by incredible & talented people that challenge and inspire me  every day. I feel I am surrounded by creativity and actively participating in it.

What, or who, inspires you to be creative?

Personal stories. My favourite things about producing CreativeMornings is programming the speakers. The first time I meet them, often in a cosy cafe somewhere, and they open up and start sharing tales of success, hope and hilarious fuckups. It’s raw and personal and immensely humbling to witness.

I am hugely curious and constantly hungry for new experiences, so each one of these personal stories is like a map that gives me perspective and a sneak peek into different paths trodden and those yet to be explored. 

You can find Alex Hosting Creative Mornings/Edinburgh on the last Friday of every month, on Twitter and on Instagram!

If you want to join in the conversation comment below or email me

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